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July 02, 2010


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Deb Plapp

Happy belated birthday Stephanie! 40, you're so young! I turned 58 on June 30th. Can't believe I'll be 60 in 2 years! But hey, "I ain't dead yet!" Hope it was happy for you. I hope to take a couple of your classes next spring @ Art&Soul in Va. I just love your stuff. I've made a couple perching pixies and a butterfly shadow box. I love the little houses you're doing with the tintypes! WOW, you are so creative. I wish I lived close to you so I could just take classes from you all the time! So glad you're happy, loved this piece. The moths are amazing. I never see anything like that here in Illinois. Take care, hope to see you again. Love, Deb

Deryn Mentock

So glad your story has a happy ending! Happy birthday, Steph!

Laraine Atherton

Your story and mine are very similar. I live alone now with only my animals....but then....I am much older.

wendy b.

you have been a very special woman from the first moment we"inter- met". i cannot emphasize enough, how fabulous you are. i adore keeping tabs on your ever burgeoning, clever resonant and beautiful work. thank you for sharing it and allowing me to be able to wish you a most happy (although,belated) birthday.
H*A*P*P*Y B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y! ! !

beth billups

happy, happy birthday friend. your story is one of sadness and strength and i admire the choices you've made. my 40th year was an awakening of sorts and i wish you many moments of clarity and insight as you travel your path....xoxoxo


Julie Q

Happy birthday, and I hope your 40s are good to you. Thanks for sharing your story.

Julie Q


Your shared story is very touching Stephanie, and the gifts that have come along the way very deserving! Happy belated birthday - these are great years!


so sorry for what had happened to you.........but everything that happens to us is what makes us the us we are today !!! you go girl !! and never, never, never let anyone take away your art !

Carla Trujillo

Happy belated! Rebirth is an awesome gift to embrace! Thanks for sharing your story!

Jen Crossley

Happy Birthday,its time to fly again now you 40 they are great years ahead


Very powerful Stephanie. Thanks for sharing and a happy birthday.


Donna Knadle

Happy belated birthday Stephanie. I'm glad to hear you found yourself again after some very hard years. Your daughter is your "gift" from those hard times in your life, which I know you wouldn't have traded for the world.


Happy 40th Birthday! The best is yet to come!

donna joy

Beautiful post-and yes, you have blossomed in more ways than one-know only too well that feeling of being blindsided~
Happy 40th-(the new 30) :)


Beautiful. Moved me to tears. So sad to hear all that happened, but so glad to hear the happy ending! I am so proud of you and so happy that you are now back on the path of joy! Love that the moths were part of your special day, and hopefully they will be back time and again to remind you that you are special and loved!


Happy Birthday - or should it be - Happy Rebirthday! Your wings are beautiful - just spread them!

June Pace

Happy 40th and more to you sweetie....art is the only constant in my life...it is the thing that makes me feel whole. I don't know what I would do if I could not create...good friends and music, laughter, beauty, nature, all these things make life good...love, that's so much trickier...truth, honesty....there is no other way...once you know the truth, you can't live any other way....I'm glad you found your truth...Fly high! love june

Mosaic Magpie

I hope you not only fly, but may you soar.

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